Amy is a self taught artist based in Toowoomba, Queensland known for her bold, vibrant and colourful acrylic paintings. With an aesthetic eye for colour and a passion to create, Amy is forever experimenting with new media and believes this helps her style develop and evolve. Her creative process is very intuitive and starts off with a simplistic idea. The magic unfolding as she vanishes down a rabbit hole of paint play and media exploration. The end result is a vibrant free-flowing artwork with an aesthetically pleasing quality.

The inspiration for her paintings comes from the world around her and the world within, picking colours from how she feels at the time a painting begins. From as young as she can remember, Amy has always had an interest in the psychology of colour, especially the roll it plays within our living environment. From the lighting of a room to the colours on walls, cushions and floors, Amy developed a strong passion for interior decorating and visual merchandising and completed studies in this field in 2011. She has always been drawn back to painting though and loves that she can still help people decorate their home or business with her colourful artworks. With her sharp eye for colour theory and design, Amy’s finds great pleasure in helping clients select the right colour palette for commission pieces.     

Amy will continue to pursue her career as an artist and says she will paint for as long as she lives…or until her hands fall off! She hopes that what she creates brings as much joy to the lives of other as it does to hers.

Flowers In Situ
One Rainy Day In Situ
Through The Fog In Situ

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